Feats, Fails & Bikes

“Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.” -Mark Twain

Feats and Fails of finally arriving in Sevilla after 5 days of exploring- sweaty and taking selfies with cathedrals, no less.

FEAT: I managed to navigate Sevilla’s bus and metro system by myself and find my way home.

#FAIL: It took 4 times as long as it should have.

I got on the wrong bus, wandered aimlessly, couldn’t figure out the paper map at first and asked four different people the same question, hoping at least one of them would actually talk slower. (I eventually found a security guard in a market who pointed me in the vaguely correct direction of where the metro station might have been located. Hey, whatever works right? I mean, who needs street signs?…

I found the metro, got weird looks from locals for being a confused American girl, and miraculously found the correct apartment building that looks exactly like the 722 others around it. You know how I found it? Oh you don’t? Well, let me tell you.

I, scanning the desolate horizon of the monochromatic  urban desert, hear the angelic voice of my host mom singing from the heavens of the seventh floor of a mauve building.  “Andrea, Andrea! Para aqui! Mira arriba! Andrea, over here! look up!”

There she is, Maribel, Gesturing wildly from way up there and I finally find my way home.

One thing is for sure- I am not in Western Pennsylvania anymore.

But enough of that, this morning was SO GREAT for so many reasons, including free espresso and breezy plazas.

My host mom took Jenny (my roommate) and I out to have breakfast and cafe con leche which is actually espresso and a little bit of hot milk:

Cafe con LecheNo drip brew diner coffee for me anymore, no siree.

After coffee, I met up with the API group and went for a beautiful bike tour of the city. Here are some shots:

bike ride 1 bike ride 4 bike ride 2 bike ride 3

I am still rusty with the geography of the city, but I believe those are all from El Rio Betis, within the older region of Sevilla, which is called Casco Antiguo.

When we looped back around cloer to the starting point of our bike ride, we went through an incredibly beautiful part, complete with horse and buggy passing by and all.

bike ride 5 bike ride 6

After the bike ride, lunch, a lonnnnnng siesta (AKA vegatation), Jenny and I met up with Maribel and her boyfriend Diego, and we had tapas in a beautiful part of town called La Plaza Nueva.

We actually sat at a table with a German dude named Martin who was backpacking around Portugal and Spain. That was actually kind of weird…but so cool because it was weird…

After many laughs, caramel ice cream and a bus ride home, I arrived back at el apartamneto and here I am, writing this blog.

Play-by-play fin.


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